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TIP was created in 2000 with the aim to invest in companies featuring strong development and a technological orientation.

The company that foresaw to start with 15 billion lira (about € 7,5 million) and nearly 10 shareholders, obtained a strong attention and interest and consequently:

  • raised fund for a total of € 50 million from various investors;

  • started its investment activity with about € 33 million of cash available;

  • adopted a very rigorous investment policy (in 2000-2002 management invested just € 12,6 mn of the € 33 mn collected)

When TIP was founded, the management team stated that it aimed to be listed in 2/3 years.


In 2003 TIP proceeded with a new collection of funds that enabled it to:

  • increase cash available to more than € 50 million;

  • increase the number of shareholder investors from 70 to 100;

  • purchase a stake of the 80% of T&A getting the new market positioning of "equity and corporate finance service provider".

In 2003-2005 TIP consequently made a long list of successful investments in listed small caps.

On November 2005, TIP was listed on Milan's Stock Exchange (MTA ex Expandi market).

On March 2006, TIP promoted and created SeconTip S.p.A., the first Italian independent company focused exclusively on the secondary private equity market (SPE).

From December 2010, Borsa Italiana S.p.A. assigned the STAR qualification for TIP shares and warrants.