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Mission and strategies

TIP invests in listed and unlisted mid caps featuring forefront positions in their respective markets with good growth potential.

TIP acquires minority interests with the aim of truly accompanying the entrepreneurs and management in the process of growth and value creation.

TIP is not a fund and has a real medium - long term perspective.

TIP has a flexible approach also about the potential way out.

TIP invests under two different schemes: direct investments and club deals (i.e. investments carried out together with some other entrepreneurs/investors).

TIP  identifies the companies considering:

  • management quality and reliability;
  • existence of distinctive commercial and industrial features ("excellence");
  • concrete possibilities of playing an active shareholder role;
  • possible developments in terms of business or ownership structure.

TIP prefers to investments via dedicated capital increases or purchases of major shareholdings.

TIP leaves operating management to the enterpreneurs, with whom it sometimes makes governance agreements.