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TIP IS AN INDEPENDENT INVESTMENT - MERCHANT BANK focused on medium-sized Italian companies (small-mid caps) that:

  • makes minority investments - but as an active shareholder - in listed and unlisted (in particular: pre-IPO and P.I.P.ES) companies expressing “eccellence;
  • provides advisory in corporate finance operations via Tamburi & Associati division;
  • makes investments in the secondary private equity (SPE) on march 2011 SeconTip S.p.A., was merged by incorporation in TIP S.p.A.
  • TIP business model is unique  in Italy because of:
  • the specialisation in "excellent" small - mid caps
  • the distinctive skills, experience and network
  • the relevant financial resources internally available
  • the extraordinary capacity of co-investments (Club Deals)
  • the professional, confidential, flexible and rapid approach