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30/1/2018 - Warrant - KID
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Nov/13/2018 - Press Releases
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Nov/13/2018 - Press Releases
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Oct/24/2018 - Presentations
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Sep/11/2018 - Press Releases
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May/17/2018 - Presentations
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May/2/2018 - Press Releases
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May/14/2018 - Press Releases
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Mar/9/2018 - Press Releases
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Mar/9/2018 - Press Releases
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Reserch and Studies


May/25/2017 - Banca Akros S.p.A.
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May/22/2017 - Intermonte SIM S.p.A.
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Oct/15/2018 - Press Release
Fimag and TIPO sign a letter of intent for the sale of iGuzzini illuminazione
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Jul/12/2017 - Press Release
TIP – Pre IPO acquires 20% of Chiorino S.p.A.
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Jan/21/2016 - Press Release
Acquisition of 100% of Beta Utensili S.p.A.
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Dec/11/2014 - Press Release
TIPO invests in iGuzzini Illuminazione
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